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What are the best belly fat foods to eat for weight loss? There are a lot of different foods that you can eat on a daily basis to help you lose belly fat. Knowing the rights foods to eat isn’t all that straight forward. In this video I out line seven foods that you can eat on a daily basis that can help you to lose excess tummy fat.

These are just some of the foods that I add to my diet daily for good health and to maintain a consistent weight. Just to give you an idea I consume at least 25 different foods a day. This was something I learn about many years ago from a dietician friend. Just eating these 7 foods is not enough; you do need variety and good balance!

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Considering the fact that belly fat has come to be so regularly occurring and common nowadays, a lot of people think of it to being ‘normal’. Regrettably, this ‘new normal’ comes with increased health concerns that should not be overlooked. Eating the right belly fat burning foods is critical when trying to flatten or reduce belly fat. Learning to eat belly fat reducing food will not only assist you to lose and burn belly fat, but can also help reduce your risk of many health issues.

First thing to look at is to have a healthy eating regime or eating the right diet food to lose belly fat. Knowing the best foods to eat or to choose the proper food for reducing belly fat will make a big difference. Doing things like; reducing your simple quick sugar and bad fat intake is your first step to eating healthy. Adopting these two factors as part on your healthy eating plan doesn’t stop there. You want to add in lean proteins, healthy fiber like whole raw sprouted grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits and get the good fats like Omega-3.

This is something that might not be so obvious that you may want to avoid when trying to burn fat from stomach area. Quick release sugar rich foods and sugar itself need to be eliminated and/or replaced with healthy alternatives. Also there are spices to help with fat burning that can be used instead (in small amounts) for snacking or when a food craving hits, some spices also help with blood sugar spike. Decreasing belly fat involves adjusting your diet regime, up to 80% of the work of lowering belly fat, lies within a healthy eating plan management.

Eating foods that contain fiber such as apples and whole oats can assist to lower insulin levels in the body and make a difference when reducing belly fat. Eating good amounts of vegetables and fruits will help lift your fiber intake. Another great source of fiber and protein is in eating pea soup with vegetables and other legumes. One of the best ways to eat the fruits and vegetables is raw and you can also juice for reducing belly fat too!

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