Colloidal Silver Benefits Arthritis, Cold Sores, Experience ~~~Nancy

My personal experience and knowledge of colloidal silver, uses, benefits, safety (I have been using colloidal silver since 2006) and I make my own colloidal silver. This supplement takes care of the arthritis pain in my body; it removes inflammation. Keeps away colds, flu, cold sores, urinary tract infections, etc., keeps me free of them. I’ve got experience in the many ways that I take my health in to my own hands; and out of the doctor’s hands. I avoid disease, and medicines through the use of natural supplements. ~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish P.S. I am not a member of the medical community. If you have a medical illness, you should see a medical provider.

~~~Nancy Gurish Hello! This is my experience of using colloidal silver. This product has successfully treated the arthritis in my body. My family has been using colloidal silver since 2006. Cold sores, urinary tract infections, arthritis, the flu are all prevented and sometimes treated for me, with colloidal silver! Also I talk about how I discovered this product. It is an interesting story. And I make my own! ~~~Nancy Gurish