Custom Remodel

Our Custom Home Massage Rooms

construction remodelAs our home massage business has grown, our need to add rooms and tables for patients has increased. We used to have our three table operation set up in our den where we booked patients who suffered sports-related injuries. Our mission has been to provide injury recovery solutions for sports-related injuries. Our home was only 1600 sqft, but the property was large enough to add a home addition on that consisted of 4 private rooms that would each feature a new massage bed, custom countertops, mood lighting, and an interior speaker/intercom system that would allow us to communicate with patients room to room from our office area in the front. We hired a custom home builder in Oklahoma to renovate the property for us. French Construction came in and tore the entire side section of the home out and added an additional 5000 sqft to the home. This really opened things up for us, allowing us to expand our operation and take on more clients all while keeping our local home operation true to its roots. There is something about a patient coming into your custom built massage parlor and experiencing the one on one attention in an environment that is relaxing and replicates the look and feel of a home. It is our belief that this home-style setting is a more relaxing atmosphere and allows patients to reach a point of relaxation that they otherwise might not get in strip mall setting. Designing and building our custom home addition was a process that we enjoyed thoroughly. Other custom features included water fountain features for ambiance and a custom built Swiss shower for platinum customers. We believe that a shower after a massage is the perfect way to end a relaxing afternoon or evening and get you on your way to feeling renewed.