How to Make Genuine Colloidal Silver at Home

This instructional video explains how any person can make safe and pure colloidal silver for medicinal purposes. It may be the only widely-available video that comprehensively shows how to do it correctly, as was done by the pharmaceutical industry a century ago. This video report also debunks misinformation from the modern sellers of “colloidal silver” and the various “experts” who abound. The emphasis is upon safety and purity. The topics are explained thoroughly, but yet in a straightforward manner. This do-it-yourself report was created by Health Wyze Media in response to demand from its readership. Part one features Sarah Corriher, who explains preparation procedures and connections. The second phase of the movie is narrated by Thomas Corriher, who steps-up the pace in explaining the details of how to manufacture colloidal silver and verify its overall quality. These dogged reporters have spent eight years mastering this topic and reporting about other health-related topics.

0:12 — Cabling essentials, connections, and soldering with Sarah
12:12 — Making and testing colloidal silver with Thomas

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