Massage Franchise Liquidates IT Assets

Massage Envy Liquidates Outdated Computers

As a home massage practitioner, it is my job to follow all the industry trends and keep up with best practices among other practitioners. There is a company headquartered out of Arizona called Massage Envy that has reportedly revolutionized the way franchises build and deploy with franchisees. They have over 1,195 locations here in the U.S. and are continuing to grow and revolutionize the industry.

Part of revolutionizing and growing any business is keeping up with technology. When processes or equipment are outdated then it’s time to liquidate and replace. Thankfully massage beds are not computers and typically don’t need to be replaced every few years. From what I hear Massage Envy liquidated thousands of old computers, had the hard drives shredded and recycled most of the components that had value.

Computer liquidation may seem like a simple process at first but it is an extreme task to undertake. When you get rid of thousands of computers you are also getting rid of software and hardware that was used to operate the business. Data has to be migrated, hard drives destroyed, components separated to be recycled, and toxic electronic waste needs to be properly disposed of.

The liquidation process took months to accomplish, from franchise to franchise. I’m sure this task was too big to handle internally within the I.T. department and I imagine they hired a company like CDR Global to properly liquidate the computer inventory while following the R2 standards among computer recycling companies.

Massage EnvyTypically during a transition like this, clients will not notice anything. Liquidating old technology and bringing in new equipment allows the franchisees to better manage the appointment setting process and operations. The experience never changes in the eyes of the client, only internally as processes and organization efforts are improved and sped up with newer hardware and upgraded software.

There are many massage franchises out there offering similar opportunities but none that I know of have embraced a complete overhaul with their IT equipment. That is a power move that sets them up for the next 5-10 years with the most modern computers, operating systems, cloud technology, and CRM available.

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