My Experience With The Chiropractor

In high school I was in a car wreck.  While I felt ok immediately after, a few days later I started to feel sharp pains in my back.  It would start to creep in if I sat for even a few minutes, and don’t even ask me about how terrible sneezing was.  I talked with my parents and wound up visiting a family friend who was a chiropractor.

I was completely shocked how quickly the relief came.  While it took several weeks for the pain to completely subside, the sharp, stabbing pain was immediately  relieved. I was skeptical going in, but the chiropractor explained the process and theories to me. I enjoyed learning about the processes and philosophies behind chiropractic care.  

During the initial exam I described my pain and the car wreck.  He looked at my posture, standing and lying down, and noted how my back was out of line. He performed several adjustments, nothing that felt major, and sent me on my way.  After just that first session I felt an immediate improvement. My mobility improved greatly, and I could do things like tie my shoes again. The sharp pains subsided, and while there was still discomfort, it was manageable. After several weeks of visits that pain completely diminished, and I was back to being a normal high schooler.

Unfortunately, this has not been my only need for a chiropractor in Owasso . In college I had an accident while skiing that contorted my back.  At the time it felt sore for a few days, but that gradually subsided and I forgot about it. A few months later, I was picking up a medium sized box in the garage. About halfway up I felt an immediate sharp pain, and couldn’t straighten out completely.  My back had gone out.

I was in major pain, and needed quick relief. I turned to Google, searching for the nearest Owasso chiropractors.  I found one with decent reviews, and called immediately.  Later that afternoon I was in, and similar to the first time, experienced immediate relief from the debilitating pain after a few quick adjustments.  This chiropractor had a few more tools, including a machine that had several suction cups that attached to your back. They alternated levels of suction between the different cups and pulled on your skin and the tissue underneath.  While I can’t say this didn’t have any benefit, I didn’t notice a difference from the machine. The chiropractors adjustments provided the most relief for me.

Since then I’ve realized how important our back are.  Without a properly functioning spine, our mobility and quality of life is severely limited.  Even everyday tasks like tying your shoes or walking upstairs become incredibly difficult when you have severe back pain.  If you have chronic or intense back pain, then I would 100% recommend visiting a chiropractors in Owasso Oklahoma.  While it can be expensive, it is covered under some healthcare plans.  Even if you have to pay out of pocket, I believe that your back and your life are worth the cost.