My first Vitaglow-Gluthatione and vitamin C fused injection

I was a little late to my appointment but the nurse was still able to fit me in. She was very sweet and answered all my questions. The spa is a very beautuful and of course, private little professional uppity like medical office with tons of gluthatione other essentially healthy vitamin and mineral infused treatments encased in a special blue glass to preserve product potency. The office was also nice and serene which I love!. I kept daydreaming, wishing it was all mine for free lol. Anyways, the staff was very nice with plenty of hospitality. I will definitely be going back for my seond treatment next week. If you really want long lasting almost permanent results it is pretty expensive at 0 a pop for 4 injections a month. The nurse was well established and also informed me that Michael Jackson had 3-4 series of very high dosages of injections a week. There is no way to abuse glutathione to cause damage since it flushes out the blood and liver but too many treatments will cause your skin to become very very fare skin which I do not desire to be but I will continue to get as many treatments as possible just to see if glutathione is the real deal like most Asians swear. Not only will I be receiving treatments to maintain lighter and healthier youthful skin but for mental and physical health as well.