Nature’s antibiotic colloidal silver, kills bacteria, cures MRSA, malaria, tooth decay

None of us really like Antibiotics I’m sure….

It has been shown that if this new form of Colloidal Silver is kept on a site of infection for JUST 6 MINUTES ……………. it will kill the bacteria that it comes in contact with the infection.

More and more of our customers are coming back with great success stories including great results on pet infections. It comes in a Gel form for topical at 24ppm and a liquid form for internal use at 18ppm. There are no known side effects with Silver. It is Nature’s all natural Antibiotics

HOWEVER………this Silver Shield Gel, and Silver Sol Solution is killing Bacteria, Infections, MRSA, HIV, Strepthroat, Staph, Malaria, Tooth decay and much more all over the world…..RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

Keep the Silver Shield or Silver Sol in contact with the bacteria for 6 minutes and it kills them DEAD !!!!!!


SILVER SOL LIQUID. Take 5 ml (teaspoon) doses.

If you have had a chronic or long term infection
then take the above dose 3-4 times a day….and EVERY DAY !

If you have had a long term problem then you may well need two or three bottles of Silver Sol before all the infection is killed off by the Silver Sol liquid.

SILVER SHIELD GEL Apply topically absolutely anywhere and keep applying 3 times a day or more until the problem is beaten.

These products really do work…believe it and be diligent in taking them.

The Ancient Greeks used Silver vessels for water purification.

They put liquids in Silver vessels as they knew it would not go “off”

200 years ago when beer was made in large beer barrels, men would throw silver coins in to the beer to stop it spoiling.

Hundreds of years before scientists and doctors understood about microbes/bacteria and how they create illness, colloidal metals, particularly Silver were known for their health benefits.

We have had so many people come in to the shop with problems that were not sorted by antibiotics or steroids and when they used the Silver Shield Liquid or Gel, their problems ended.