The Truth About Alcohol’s Health Benefits

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The origin of human alcohol consumption is a widely debated topic among many scientists and it is an interesting topic at that. What we really want to know though is, are there actual health benefits from drinking alcohol today?

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Origins Of Human Alcohol Consumption Revealed:

“Human ancestors may have begun evolving the knack for consuming alcohol about 10 million years ago, long before modern humans began brewing booze, researchers say.”

The Archaeology Of Alcohol: A Review Of Literature:

“Around the world and throughout time, humans have demonstrated a nearly universal proclivity for alcoholic beverages. As cultural anthropologist David Mandelbaum of the University of California notes, cultural attitudes towards alcohol vary around the world from adoration to proscription of drink, but there are few cultures that completely ignore alcohol.”

7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol:

“Getting wasted every weekend might not be the best thing for your physical or mental well-being, but moderate alcohol consumption may have some substantial health benefits. It should be noted that alcohol consumption and its benefits vary based on an individual’s body makeup and type.”

Discussion On The Value Of Alcohol As A Therapeutic Agent:

“The President has given us an admirable survey of the subject. Therapeutically, it seems to me, alcohol is of great value as a food, for example, in certain cases of anorexia and vomiting, such as are met with in phthisis and cancer.”

A Century Ago, Alcohol Was a Legitimate Medicine:

“At every doctor’s visit, there are a few axioms you’re almost guaranteed to hear: Eat healthier, exercise more, and ease up on the alcohol. But, incredible as it may seem, there was a time when the latter — alcohol — was considered an altogether beneficial and valuable drug, and it was utilized for a wide range of medicinal purposes.”

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